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IE NetRenderer allows you to check how a website is rendered by Internet Explorer 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 or 5.5, as seen from a high speed datacenter located in Germany. Just type in a URL in the field above and try it out - it's free!

Unlike other screenshot services, we are able to process a large number of capturing jobs in parallel and in realtime, making it the fastest service that we know of.

Internet Explorer 11 running on Windows 8.1 is now available

Originally intended as a technology demonstration for our Hosted Virtual Server offering, there was so much positive feedback that we decided to make this service publicly available. We are currently delivering more than 10,000 screenshots each day.  More...


This online tool is ideally suited for web designers working on Apple Mac and Linux. It allows to verify web designs natively on all popular Internet Explorer versions without the need to have several Windows PCs.  More...

25.855.934  (Sreenshots to date)

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User Comments on IE Netrenderer

Michael B., Indiana: Please don’t shut down IE NetRenderer! It’s the best service of its kind and we rely heavily on it - richtom, U.K.: This is great... a must use for any web developer! - Luke R., Canada: Hi, just writing to say I love this tool, and use it extensively. -, U.S.: Does a good job, immediate results, no waiting - TheGoodOmen, U.K.: Thanks for the link to the netrenderer ... that is very cool - Ralf, Germany: ...wollte ich euch heute mal einen dienst vorstellen, bei dem einen hören und sehen vergeht ... ganze 6 sekunden hat das gedauert + er checkt alle ie-versionen. sensationeller dienst wenn man bedenkt, wie lange man bei mitunter warten muss, bevor sie einem angezeigt wird - Paul K., Maryland: Your site is like a lifeline for me - Christian S, Germany: ...wer nun aber ein richtiges Betriebssystem (BSD, GNU/Linux, etc.) benutzt, muss mühsam via Wine (oder sonstwie) IE4Linux installieren, eine VM aufsetzen oder gar extra Windows hochfahren - ein Riesenaufwand, den man glücklicherweise umgehen kann, da es den IE NetRenderer gibt ... Wenn das nicht genial ist! - Brent L., New York: You’re a great resource for developers! - Michael R., London: I love this service. As a mac user and web designer I find it invaluable - Jason B., Los Angeles: I’d just like you to know how much IE NetRenderer has helped me over the years. Being able to have a quick look at the major IE bugs in various versions has been a lifesaver - Karl L.R., Sweden: Keep up the good work, it’s an awesome service! - Todd S., Michigan: As a Mac user who does graphic design & web design for a living, I rely heavily on NetRenderer. You deserve to be paid for your efforts, and I’d gladly pay a small monthly or annual fee to continue using the service - Axel T., Stockholm: You guys are the best!

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